To survey mentally III

Project: Wax on burning sand September 2001 Poland

eopening expositie Zielona Gora Polenwaspanelen

Thomas and Tim are waxing their snowboards in the studio. In the workplace, on shores, the boards are lying tightly next to each other, bottom side up. Together they are a soft sloping structure (form, shape). Two boys wearing caps, baggy trousers and big shoes, shift (slide, glide) through the space. An old iron and bars of wax within reach. (As a second skin)The wax sticks to the boards as a second skin. Beatbox sounds thud (echo) out of the stereo, Razel, scratching and rapping, in the meantime the boys chafe and grind the wax to the max. Polish to a smooth skin.

….time...people crossing a square, filmed from above. The video images are digitally adapted (modified). Video stills become slices, layers and background, modified with blur tool, smudge stick or liquefy. Smooth, sliding people in an unidentifiable space. Images full of colour, images of people in open space, perspective and dimensions are absent. The digital print flows into a smooth scene.

Making the videostills digitally flowing has the same effect as the heated wax (paraffin) in the studio. The waxed panels give substance and tangibility, and form a moment of fixation, just like the computer prints. Smooth and easy glidin

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